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Staying Strong

Aloha Colleagues,
Mahalo nui for keeping it together during this difficult time! Covid-19 is bad and the accompanying stress is destructive. Our colleague, Connie, recently shared “box breathing”, a strategy for dissipating stress and boosting immunity. Why not add this powerful weapon to your arsenal?
Sit comfortably and let your arms dangle by your sides.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath for a count of 5.
Hold that breath for a count of 5.
Then release slowly for a count of 5.
Hold for a count of 5.
Continue to repeat.
While box-breathing, call to mind a positive affirmation or visualization.
Some affirmations:
-“My mind is at ease”
-“I am at peace within myself”
-“I will let go of my worries”
-“I am serene”
-Water lapping the shore
-A shady forest
-White clouds in a blue sky
-A smiling loved one.
The peace this exercise brings is immediate, lasting, and gives our immune systems a real power surge!
We are the vanguard. Stay strong!

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