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Something New But Not Good.

Aloha Colleagues!

I regret the need to bring negative information to you. We,as nurses, always have too much going on. We care for our patients, their families, our families, our colleagues and coworkers and our communities. We are now working ever harder caring and teaching to defeat CoVid-19. And now, we have Candida auris.

If you are have not heard of Candida auris, you need to be aware. It isa species of fungus that grows as yeast. It is one of the few species of the genus Candida which cause candidiasis in humans. Candidiasis is acquired in hospitals by patients with weakened immune systems. CDC informs us that Candida auris is potentially lethal and has multi-drug resistant forms which flourish in hospitals other health care settings.

Healthcare facilities in several countries have reported Candida auris has been causing severe illness in hospitalized patients. In some patients, this yeast can enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, causing serious invasive infections. This yeast was first identified in 2009 and often does not respond to commonly used antifungal drugs, making infections difficult to treat. Patients who have been hospitalized in a healthcare facility a long time, have a central venous catheter, or other lines or tubes entering their body, or have previously received antibiotics or antifungal medications, appear to be at highest risk of infection with this yeast.Specialized laboratory methods are needed to accurately identify C. auris.

Conventional laboratory techniques could lead to misidentification and inappropriate management, making it difficult to control the spread of C. auris in healthcare settings.Because of these factors, CDC is alerting U.S. healthcare facilities to be on the lookout for C. auris in their patients.For more information, see

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