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It’s Not Sci-Fi: Liquid Skin for Burns!

On September 21, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved ReCell, an autologous cell harvesting device and biological slurry. The resulting mixture of cells and liquid are sprayed on burned skin with a simple syringe. They adhere and grow into normal skin cells with minimal scarring, minimal pain, and 97% fewer donor cells than a traditional skin graft. Best of all, this is not something for the distant future:ReCell will be available to hospital pharmacies by the end of this year.

ReCell was developed by Avita, a research house with offices in the USA and UK specializing in restoratives.  ReCell is manufactured in California and moved quickly from clinical trials to approval because of its amazing ability to heal burns.

As you know, treatment for burns has improved greatly over the last 20 years. But ReCell has the potential to make painful, time-consuming burn care history!

Read more about ReCell by visiting this NBC news story

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