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Ethical Issues in Nursing: Assisted Suicide (Today’s Broadcasted Public Hearing Link)

Broadcasted public hearing for HB2739 HD1 begins 8:30am HST, March 16, 2018

Or Oahu Channel 55

Whether Pro, Con, or Neutral, we need to keep informed!

More than 6O nurses came together in Honolulu this week for our Ethical Issues in Nursing Conference. We had an amazing exchange of ideas and, despite the serious topics we had a great time! As you know, the Hawaii State Legislature is currently considering HB2739 HD1, an act in support of assisted suicide. Cindy Schoepner JD, PhD addressed this legislation during the conference and shared materials from the State of Hawaii & the American Nurses Association. It would be important for us, as nurses, to be aware of this proposal.  Visit our Hawaii Nurse Helpful Links page for the documentation links.

HB2739 HD1 Description:

Establishes a regulated process under which an adult resident of the State with a medically confirmed terminal disease and less than six months to live may choose to obtain a prescription for medication to end the patient’s life. Imposes criminal sanctions for tampering with a patient’s request for a prescription or coercing a patient to request a prescription. (HB2739 HD1)

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