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Keep an eye out for more information about our upcoming seminars later this year!


Mahalo to everyone who participated in our healing conference on how to deflect burnout.  In addition to informative didactic sessions, we had yoga, positive visualization, and self-massage exercises, plus yummy breakfast & lunch.  The high-point had to be JoJo’s Thai Buffet. (Why is it always about the food?) and all the time we spent poking fun at the stressors in our lives.

This was our second conference and sold-out!  All fifty of us are 8 contact hours closer to license renewal next spring!  Special Kudos to those who attended BOTH the Diabetes and Burnout conferences!

Evaluations from Deflecting Burnout and The Diabetes Epidemic were outstanding!

Participants reported they enjoyed the topics and speakers very much.  Most recommendations were “not to change” or to “offer more conferences”  We are working on it!

Stay tuned for more important topics!  We have conferences scheduled for January, February, March, & April, 2018.  After a “summer vacation” with keiki, we’ll be back with a new scheduling beginning in September, 2018.  That leaves a quick 9 months until license renewal time in June, 2019, so stay tuned!

Leslie says this is her graduation picture.  Is she telling the truth?

Find out January 10, 2018 for our latest conference PHARMACOLOGY UPDATE: TREATMENT TRENDS AND PHARMACOGENOMICS! Register today!

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